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Become Part of Our Team & Make Your Voice Heard

The Students Association at the College of the Rockies recruits five students each year to help us ensure that we're appropriately meeting the needs of our diverse student population.

Each of these positions is expected to be present at two of our executive meetings each month to discuss how the association can best serve students within the group they've been chosen to represent and then reach out to their fellow students to communicate to them on our behalf. This helps us to reach a more diverse population of our students so that we can work together as a community and ensure that all of the tools and supports are available to ensure that every student here at the College has an opportunity to excel.

The following positions are currently available

International Student Representative

Indigenous Student Representative

Business Student Representative

University Studies Student Representative

Health and Human Services Student Representative

Trades and Technology Student Representative

Each position is provided with $960 in remuneration for a 1-year term to compensate them for their effort in helping us reach out to the community and the amount of time they spend each month meeting with their fellow students and reporting to the Students Association on ways to improve their experience here at the College of the Rockies.

Students who are interested in one of these positions are asked to contact us through our official email address to discuss the positions further, or to submit a letter or recommendation from one of their instructors (simply stating they feel the student would make a good spokesperson) as well as a current copy of their resume.

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