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The Plan was developed to help College of the Rockies students pay for the health services they need, the COTR Students' Association has partnered with Studentcare in order to provide students with extended health and dental coverage.  

The new Health & Dental Plan is designed specifically for students to cover many services not covered by BC MSP and other basic health care programs

Who's Covered?

College of the Rockies students who meet the following criteria will be automatically covered by the Plan:

  • You are a full-time student in the Fall Semester (registered in 9 credit hours or more) AND

  • Your 9 credits must on campus and last at least 9 weeks

  • You will not be automatically covered if your courses are online (e.g.  ENGL 100 - OL01)


Most English Language Program (ELP) students taking 2 or more courses in the Fall semester are automatically covered by the Plan. International students should verify their account to see if they have been assessed the Plan fee.

Covered by another Plan?

You can opt our of the COTRSA Plan and receive a cheque for the Plan fee if you have equivalent health and dental coverage - typically a group benefits plan provided through your employer, or your parent's or spouse's employer.  Visit studentcare during the approprate Change-of-Coverage Period and follow the on-screen instructions for opt outs.

What's Covered


Health Benefits

  • Prescription drugs

  • Vaccinations

  • Physiotherapists and more...

Dental Benefits

  • Checkups

  • Cleanings

  • Fillings and more...

NEW! Enpower me: FREE Mental Health Resources​​​​

Vision Benefits

  • Eye exams

  • Eyeglasses and contacts

  • Laser eye surgery & more...

Travel Benefits

  • Travel health coverage

  • Trip cancellation and interruption in the event of a medical emergency


Visit for a complete list of benefits

How much does it cost?


The total cost of the Plan for full year coverage (Sept 1, 2022 - Aug 31, 2023 is $229.50 for automatically enrolled students.  The cost of the Plan is automatically included in your tuition and other fees.

If you have not been automatically enrolled for the Plan in September you may be eligible to enroll yourself in the Plan during the Change in Coverage Period for $344.25 for the same coverage period.  Contact StudentCare for more details


Change-of-Coverage Period

​The Change-of-Coverage Period is the period at the beginning of the semester when you can either opt our or enrol your spouse and/or dependent children in the Plan.  Students who are not automatically enrolled in the Plan (part time, online, etc.) can also enrol themselves during this period.


Fall Change-of-Coverage Period:  August 31 - September 28, 2022​

Winter Change-of-Coverage Period:   January 4 - January 26, 2023

Self Enrolment and Opt Outs

If you wish to self enrol or opt out of the Extended Health and Dental Plan you can go to the StudentCare website or use the links below.  

Self Enrolment


Pay Direct Card

By presenting the Pay Direct Card with your valid student ID you can fill your prescriptions at most pharmacies in BC.  

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